Friday, March 15, 2013


This updates a previous post.

With mere days to go before the concert(s), the personal homepage of guest conductor Martin Seggelke now includes the words "Lesbian/Gay."

Previously it had referred to the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band as the "San Francisco Freedom Band."


This comes after more than a month of effort.

~Feb 1. I notice the discrepancy and notify Dr Seggelke through the "contact" facility on his website.  No response.

A reasonable response might have been:

Dear Willie,

Thank you for pointing out the discrepancy. I have already corrected my website.  I hope to see you at the concert.

Best regards,


But nooooooooooooooo!

Feb 5. I sent an email to band president Julie Williamson containing the same information.  No Response.

Feb 6.  I sent another email to Professor Seggelke, this time through his SFSU email account.  No response.

~Feb 10. Sent "tip." To SFSU student newspaper.  No response.

Feb 20. Emailed "letter to the editor" to Bay Area Reporter, which was published approximately one week later.

Mar 10. I post "A Little Closet Music."

Mar 11. Received an email from a BAR reader who is band member, saying that Seggelke is a good guy. This is the first communication on this issue I've received from anyone. We exchange emails.

Mar 14.  I notice that Seggelke has corrected his website.


Today, March 15, is the first of two performances.


So, why were the words "Lesbian/Gay" omitted in the first place?

What caused the change to be made, finally?

I'll never know.  They aren't talking to me.

I'm the bad guy.

----- o -----

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