Sunday, March 17, 2013


Some of us taxpayer/TV viewers are dismayed by the US Navy's advertising campaign, which emphasizes the slogan:


I was thinking it's kind of blasphemous to say that one's military is a force for good since etymologically "good" and "god" are interchangeable.

A country's military is tasked with protecting its own country and its own country's interests.

To equate one's country's interests with "the good" is a prime example of what sociologists call ethnocentrism. Psychologists call it personality disorder.

It reassures us that God is on our side.


Utterly stupid.

Then I considered the ambiguity of the term "for good."  In our vernacular, "for good," could be an answer the the question:

"How long will you be staying?"

"For good," the US Navy replies, "for good!"

Heck, sicko Hitler envisioned only a thousand-year Reich.

BTW: The above mushroom cloud picture purports to be of the August 9, Nagasaki bomb. Speaking of our Jesuit pope--the Jesuit Order was at one time in charge of Nagasaki, they were the civil authority. Didn't much help in the long run.

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