Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I used to feel an impulse to think-through various public controversies as they arose.

More and more I tend to ignore.

I thought I'd be able to ignore SF's stupid nudist thing.

Then this SF Weekly header:


It's gonna cost us money!

Why doesn't the city just crack down?  How large is the pro-nudist constituency?

Vagueness sells newspapers.  It's like, "Nudism: Good of Bad?"  But there are two completely separate issues:

1) The impact on the viewer of seeing a nude person; and,

2) The involuntary sharing of butt-juices and other crotch debris.

Obviously, number 1 is discussable. If the only impact of public nudity were visual not a lot of SF'ns would care.

Number 2 is intolerable.

No, you do not have the right to wipe your ass on my upholstery.

No, please don't turn every public transit seat into a toilet seat.

No, I don't want you leaking on my new pumps!

Go SFPD! Go City Attorney!

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