Monday, November 19, 2007


Sometimes I’ll look at the sad assemblage of human beings which is our San Francisco Board of Supervisors and ask myself, “How did this nincompoop, or that moron, ever get elected in the first place?"

Simple answer: many of them didn’t.

Three of our current board members were appointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom: “whiney brat” Angela Alioto Pier, sad-eyed golfer Sean Elsbernd, and neophyte Carmen Chu who has three or four short leashes around her neck.

Even Newsom’s first elected office was gotten by appointment. Newsom’s incumbency is the lasting gift of Kamala’s ex-boyfriend, whatisname, oh yeah, Willie Brown.

The City Charter grants the mayor the power to fill vacancies on the Board of Supervisors. This allows these hacks to then run from a position of incumbency.

This provision gives considerable power to the Mayor. Downtown interests favor it. Neighborhoods should oppose it.

How to stop it?

Change the City Charter to prohibit an appointed supervisor from running for his or her seat in the next subsequent election, i.e. “no appointed incumbency.”

It looks like Gavin wants Carmen Chu to stay on as MY supervisor. This is hell.

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate that you blog about the Sunset - there's more to it than people think. Who would you suggest as possible candidates for the D4 seat?