Monday, November 26, 2007


I wanted to rant about the plastic bag law, but so far it hasn’t pained me at all. I used to ask for paper bags, now I don’t have to ask—paper’s all my local Lucky offers.

I love the handles.

The test will come with our next big rain.

People who try to walk or Muni home with paper bags full of groceries in the middle of a downpour may find the bottom falling out. Hell awaits.

Jared Blumenthal, head of the burgeoning Department of Environment was one of three who spoke at the signing of the Anti-plastic Bag Ordinance, along with Mayor Newsom and Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi.

Blumenthal impressed twice. At one point he corrected the mayor’s claim about the benefits of the plastic bag ban—the mayor had exaggerated by an order of magnitude.

Later Jared revealed his secret goal for the plastics ban. He, and many, assumed that the plastic bags would be replaced with similar looking bags made out of corn stalks or some such material.

The new, non-plastic bags, Jared told us, would be compostable, which would help San Franciscans conquer the “ick” factor when separating table scraps for the “green” compostables garbage bins.

So it was about composting! And may well become. I was hoping I’d be dead by the time composting becomes mandatory.

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Jerry Jarvis said...

Now if we can rid the land fills of those awful Hefty lawn and garden bags those affluent use. But we are to worried about those thin handled plastic ones.

Anonymous said...

i hate those damned plastic bags. whoever invented them ought to be lynched. r.s.

janinsanfran said...

I've heard Blumenthal speak and though he's a Newsom appointee, I was impressed. Seems to know his stuff. Though he knows his smarts make his boss look good, he seems to be willing to do that for a greater goal. Okay by me.

Smart and Final at Division and S. Van Ness seems to be contemplating selling new recyclable bags to take your stuff home in. Can they do that?