Monday, November 05, 2007


I’m voting for h. brown for mayor because I want to encourage him to keep doing what he’s doing.

On a purely volunteer basis, h. brown works full time to monitor the policy-effluent from City Hall, and to alert us timely about the worst of its toxic discharges.

No other candidate provides such an essential service to the entire population of San Francisco.

Even if you’ve never heard of h. brown, everyone at City Hall knows him and fears him. Because h. is mostly disconnected from personal power/wealth mechanisms, he is likely to say damn near anything.

City Hall folks tolerate h. because his hard analytical work produces some really good ideas that the Mayor and Supervisors can rip off and call their own.

And h. doesn’t care if his ideas are ripped off as long as public policy is improved. He’s in it for us.

That’s why I’m voting for h. brown for Mayor of San Francisco. First Choice. No fucking around.

[Above pictures courtesy of sfmike’s Civic Center Blog. In the second photo, h. trades jibes with Newsom spokesperson, Nathan Ballard. Their exchange is recorded (at least h.’s side of it) in the first few minutes of this video of the 11th Candidates Collaborative Debate. Candidate h. presents as strong and confident.]

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