Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Some condemning the Libby commutation say that it disrespects the rule of law.

Many of these admirers of the rule of law were ardent advocates for the recent Immigration Bill, which would have granted commutations to 12-20 million law violators—so many commutations that we don’t even have an exact number.

By simply enforcing existing laws, illegal immigrants unable to find work would deport themselves. Not too hard to understand, is it?

Without the illegals, our economy would change. Low wage legal workers would get paid more. Eventually, even CEOs would have to wipe their own asses.

This is an issue about which Nancy Pelosi in her Pacific Heights mansion and George Bush in ‘bunkport or Crawford agree: we simply cannot have the entire workforce making decent wages and benefits.

It’s the inequality, stupid, that makes America great!

Happy fucking Fourth.

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sfmike said...

And happy fucking Fourth to you. Want to set off some fireworks at the beach?