Sunday, July 15, 2007


For simplifying, rhetorical purposes, Newsom’s free gift to the City’s digitally-divided could be called “slow internet connectivity.”

Obviously Newsom wants to emphasize the last two words. I would emphasize the first.

The entire contract, for rhetorical purposes, can be summarized in one word—“Slow.”

“Say NO to Slow.”

“Vote NO on Slow.”

“No Dough? Go Slow.”

“Rich go fast, poor go slow.”

The radiation people might call it “Slow and Glow.” [If BVHP-VVSD residents don’t like getting asbestosed, they probably don’t like getting microwaved either.]

It’s great that SLOW rhymes with NO, also that WiFi rhymes with DiFi.

Here's an inspirational flyer from Kimo Crossman:

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Kimo C said...

The SLOW people are the ones that think that after all the other disappointing reports around the nation, that this rollout will go any differently unless the serious performance Service Level Agreement for outdoor *and* indoor are put into the contract with regular independent auditing.

btw - Eric Dynamic created the great flyer..