Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I’ve been so busy over at Jesuit Watch. The good news is that the ability of the Roman Catholic Church to do harm is diminishing worldwide. It’s influence in US politics continues to astonish and disgust. The five RC supremes must be impeached!

I’ve begun to propound the tenets of the karass I’ve mentioned here before, FOME, Familiars of Mineral Existence.

I’ve also been installing a remodeled net-game in mostly beautiful weather. Today in Golden Gate Park we stopped playing for a few seconds to watch a red tail hawk on patrol around the tennis courts.

I’ve been observing local politics and it’s too depressing, but I have to comment about yesterday’s Board of Supervisors discussion of “incivility.”

Wimps! You want incivility! Check out this AFP story, though you don’t have to go much past the lead:

BERLIN (AFP) - German politicians on Wednesday condemned as "tasteless" a mocked-up photo on the cover of a Polish magazine of Poland's ruling twin brothers sucking German Chancellor Angela Merkel's bare breasts.

That would be like the Bay Guardian running a photoshopjob of Gavin Newsom sucking you-know-who’s ****.
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