Friday, June 15, 2007


In an op-ed Chron piece this morning defender of Ed Jew asked why the rush to get him out of office.

There are allegations of election improprieties (felonies) and public corruption (extortion), but hey!, so what.

Allegations are allegations. That Louisiana guy. Jefferson, finally got arrested, but he spent months in the US Congress after $90k in cash was found in his deep freeze.

The op-ed writer suggests that the anti-Jew vehemence is rooted in racism. This is obvious poppycock. I'm sure there are plenty of corrupt Asian public officials who don’t get the kind of treatment afforded flower-boy Ed.

So why the drumbeat to throw Ed out? The answer to that question is more complicated and probably more nefarious than any garden-variety racism.

Image-googling I came across the above from Man! It cost’s a hundred bucks just to be his friend!

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sfmike said...

That's some great image-googling. The most interesting detail is that the Friends, Sponsors and Benefactors of Supervisor Jew were meeting in the legendary United Irish Cultural Center, not far from your home. Now that's multiculturalism, and good for Ed for bringing two different sets of gangsters together. As somebody commented on my blog on the subject, Ed is a Uniter!