Monday, May 28, 2007


A major shame of the so called progressives or Greens in San Francisco is their failure to advocate for public transit.

The recent meltdown of Muni Metro barely raised an eyebrow on our so called progressive Board of Supervisors. It is amazing to me how no elected official in this town takes any responsibility of any kind for the functioning of our transportation system.

Now Board President Aaron “flight-risk monitor” Peskin has concocted a voter referendum to solve Muni’s problems.

This legislation will be voted on in the November election, five months from now. After that, implementation may take, what?, years. So Muni riders have to endure the same shitty service.

It’s hard to find a copy of the proposal but it reportedly has four main sections:

1. Rearranges funding for Muni, supposedly to fill the gap between what they need and what they currently receive.

2. Changes of work/compensation rules for drivers and supervisors.

3. Upgrade entire diesel fleet to biodiesel.

4. Something about bicycling.

Of these only the first two have anything to do with possible improvements in on-time performance.

Biodiesel/green issues may be a good thing, but it has nothing to do with on-time performance.

And why there would be anything in this legislation about bicycling baffles me.

So once again, Muni riders are getting the shaft.

When the referendum passes, the environmentalists and bicyclists will rush to get what the legislation promises to them.

Muni drivers have already expressed vehement opposition to the work rules and compensation components. So those things will take forever to implement, it at all.

Why is the Muni problem so intractable?

Peskin’s plan has some association with SPUR, San Francisco Planning and Urban Renewal something-or-other, a true wolf in sheep’s clothing, that has been steadfastly blocking Muni reform for many years.

I hope Aaron Peskin’s political career ends with his term-limited Supervisorial stint. If he runs for Mayor, I’ll vote for Newsom.

BTW: Peskin as snitch.
When he found out that his colleague, Ed Jew, who is under federal investigation for corruption, was taking a trip to China, Peskin notified the FBI that Jew was a “flight risk.”

What a fucking fool! Aaron’s been watching too much Law and Order.

Word to the wise: Peskin is an FBI snitch.

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