Tuesday, May 08, 2007


After watching yesterday as a Supervisors' Committee furthered the giveaway of public land to Lennar Corporation, I awakened this morning to this bullshit Examiner story.

The gist: There are a number of street paving projects scheduled to be done in District 4. Our District 4 Supervisor, Ed Jew, looked at the District 4 projects in the queue and suggested a change, based on perceived need, in the order in which the District 4 projects by done. This doesn't affect the schedule for projects in other districts in any way.

But in the Examiner story, Board president Aaron Peskin attacks Ed Jew for using "politics" to influence how a city department does its job. Maybe I'm dense, but isn't that what an elected official is supposed to do?

So I sent this email to Aaron Peskin. I'll post his response if any.

Dear Supervisor Peskin:

According to this morning’s Examiner story you are attacking my supervisor, Ed Jew, for practicing “politics.”

As a native resident of District 4, I must take exception to your attack.

The readers of my blog would like to know:

1) Is the Examiner story accurate? Anything you would like to add?

2) Who exactly was harmed by the scheduling change?

3) Since all the work is within District 4, what business is it of yours?

4) If our district supervisor can’t help City departments fine-tune their services to meet his district’s needs, who will?

5) Don’t you do the same thing in your district?

6) Aren’t you just punishing Ed Jew for his insistence (so far) on furthering his constituents’ interests instead of going along with the Board’s majority?

Thank you for your attention.


Willie Morrissey

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WillySF said...

Peskin is a pest.