Wednesday, May 09, 2007


According to this morning’s story Nathaniel Ford will do what it takes to fix the current Muni crisis caused by the introduction of sevice on the new T-Third streetcar line.

Ford, however, has ensured that all options are being explored with a focus on quality customer service.

He can begin by returning to pre-T-Third scheduling: shut down the T-Third, bring back the 15, and run the same schedules as before the bomb hit.

Since no one has benefited from the introduction of T-Third service, the elimination (temporary) of the T-Third would hurt no one. Returning to normal service on the 15 and other lines eliminated or changed by the T-Third would bring immediate relief to many riders.

This would give Muni management breathing room to figure out how to introduce service on the T-Third in a way that actually improves the public transit experience and doesn’t mess everything up.

Don’t they do computer modeling and stuff?

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