Friday, March 23, 2007


Pud can’t resist.

Cheney’s DVT and now Tony Snow’s small benign growth are covers for potential exits. They are using Mrs Edwards’ announcement about bone cancer as cover.

At a boring party, when the first person with balls announces his or her departure, three or four less brave couples with join in the exit. The flow-rhythm is the same.

“Snow won’t be back. They’ll say it’s health reasons, but he has basically resigned-in-disgust about the bald lies he’s been sent out to tell his colleagues in the presscorp,”

Pud likes the word Stooge, meaning someone so servile that he or she will do or say anything they’re told to do or say. A Stooge is ready to sacrifice his credibility and dignity on command.

Snow probably got assurances from George W., man to man, face to face.

Snow’s reputation is shot. Iraq is totally fucked up. The criminal shit is just hitting the fan. Snow won’t be back.

“Bet you a dollar,” Pud said confidently.

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