Thursday, March 29, 2007


Pud is not an animal rights guy. On the other hand, there’s no telling what will set him off. This breaking Chronicle story has Pud on his feet, doing his dance of outrage: Mountain lion sighting prompts warning.

“That’s what happens,” Pud says, “when the white man steals North American habitat.

“The annihilation of indigenous species is sometimes slow and painful.

“Like the genocide of Native Americans. There were certain constraints against outright mass slaughter, some sentimentality, so a few white folk lost their lives before the Indians could be totally fucked over and rendered harmless.

“So too the noble cougar. Eventually these big cats will all be gone. But not before they eat a few more schoolchildren.”

The mountain lion may be hiding under a home, said Pleasanton police Lt. Tom Fenner. Authorities are holding a perimeter in the area and asking residents, as well as students at the nearby Vintage Hills Elementary School, to remain indoors.

In the picture below, Vintage Hills Elementary School is circled in red. This is all mountain lion habitat. The second picture is a closer view, with a nice nearby park also circled.

“This noble animal cowers under a house in a suburb with oenological street names.

“Admit it, misanthropes, in this game you’re sort of rooting for the Cougars.”

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