Monday, January 02, 2017


We have named our species homo sapiens sapiens.  The extra “sapiens” means that we are smarter than the previous version of us.

We are extra-wise and produce such marvels as grand opera and total war.


A worry, especially with Trump/Clinton, was that total nuclear war would wipe us out. Life would go on, but without homos, sapiens or not.

The USA claims to be exceptional. Likewise, homo sapiens, at least in the west, claims to be an exceptional species.

We were created by God to keep Him company.  God takes an intense interest in the human race.  The human race is so exceptional that we we can negotiate and execute contracts (testaments) with God.

The Catholic Church went all apeshit on Galileo’s assertion.  If the universe doesn’t revolve around the earth, then the Pope’s status is much diminished.


Presumably, God loved H.s.s. so much he sent his son to save us.  Quibble: would Jesus have existed if humans hadn’t needed him?

Individuals die, so do species.

Our headline might have suggested the topic: Homosexuality in the SS (schutzstaffel).

If we experience partial nuclear holocaust, we, like the SS, will be faced with a technical problem—the disposal of millions of corpses.

I was chatting with a retired public school teacher.  I mentioned the amusing factoid that, while life expectancy has been increasing, maximum life span has remained the same.  A hundred and ten is somewhere near the max.

“Anyway,” I said, “Methusela didn’t really live nine-hundred years.”

“Oh, no,” she said, “things might have been different in ancient times.”

Sapiens indeed.

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