Sunday, December 07, 2014


Focus on the bad behavior of the street cop.

Then, focus on cop's background: Bad Cop!

Cop's fault, end of discussion.


Who the fuck hired, retained, and then assigned the killer cop to the kill zone?

Answer: Superior officers.

In a virtuous world, supervisors are responsible for the actions of their subordinates. That's why they get higher pay.

It's the supervisor's job to hire suitable officers, tell them what to do, praise good performers and discipline or remove bad performers.

Sometimes, rarely, bad performers are removed.

But, almost never is the supervisor disciplined, or even named, when a bad cop does bad things.

It's pretty much the same as molester-priests whose bishop's moved rather than sacked them.

It's hard to fire someone. Especially when it's not your money that's paying them.

If you don't have the courage to look a subordinate in the eye and tell them they're fired, you should not be a supervisor.

I hate to say it, but Vatican ass kicking makes Pope Francis look pretty.  He fired the head of the Swiss Guard!
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