Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The little American boy asks the little French girl, “Would you like a ride in my new red wagon?”

“Oui, oui,” the little French girl responds enthusiastically.

“Not in my wagon you don’t,” the little boy says.

Speaking of which. What kind of toilet facilities are provided for voters who must wait in hours-long lines? This is a horrible scandal.

Polling officials cannot impose any additional requirements or tests for voting beyond those defined in state constitutions, and those cannot be discriminatory. Clearly, a four hour line imposes a test of physical stamina as a requirement for voting.

I have voted only in San Francisco, and only once in a precinct other than the one I grew up in and currently occupy. I always vote. Only once have I encountered any wait at all, and that was maybe five minutes tops.

Today was typical, with election workers outnumbering voters. It might be stereotyping, but they always put two young asian student types doing the sign-in paper work.

This amiable gentleman’s job was to help feed the marked ballot into the optical scanner.

This man seemed to be a supervisor, who dropped by to make sure everything was going ok.

The lady in the background was voting before I arrived (I pride myself on speed), and the lady with babe in arms was just signing in. Five poll workers (one not shown), three voters.

If San Francisco can do it, what’s Virginia’s problem? Or Ohio's?

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patrick said...

it's awesome that there has been this "problem" of long lines all over... people taking a greater interest in public issues is always a good thing