Monday, November 03, 2008


This morning Michelle Obama speaking to a crowd in Nevada issued the usual praise for the young volunteers with their tremendous enthusiasm.

Then she addressed at length the “not so young” volunteers, praising their focus and determination. And tenacity

Mrs Obama said she’s never felt a grip stronger than that of a ninety year old who won’t let go her arm until she gets their picture snapped. She was completely uninhibited in talking about old folks, none of that “eighty-years-young” crap.

Of all the people appearing on the tv screen in connection with the presidential campaign Michelle Obama has been the most appealing.

She’s very smart and she’s down to earth. Her kids seem pretty normal. What a great first lady she will make.

Michelle is obviously more gifted than is Sarah Palin in just about any regard, except maybe hair.

Michelle will do her damnedest to see that neither of her daughters gets knocked up prior to high school graduation.

Imagine a discussion, about almost anything, between Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin. Then imagine Sarah Palin talking to Vladimir Putin.

With a wife like Michelle, Barack can’t be all bad. So I guess I’ll vote for Obama.

I feel strongly that McCain will pull it out. Too many Americans have a “fuck it” attitude. They support McCain’s commitment, couched as a joke, to bomb Iran. It’s not the anti-black, it’s the anti-rational that survey-ees won’t admit to pollsters.

Sarah Palin, in her first few appearances used “American exceptionalism,” as a slogan. She thinks our country is exceptional. For instance, in her recent energy-policy speeches she mentions the great energy resources that God has given to the United States, as if indicating divine favor.

God, she failed to extrapolate, must really love Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Columbia, and of course, Russia.

It’s moronic and irrational. Exceptionalism is an example of magical thinking, the kind of thinking that said we’d be greeted as liberators. Or that maybe America could actually survive a nuclear war, with God’s protection. It could even be good for business.

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