Monday, October 29, 2007


When I think of this year’s line-up of local ballot measures, I see an image of Mayor Newsom and Aaron Peskin in a naked, passionate embrace.

Like, way yuck!

Anyway, here are sfwillie’s blog’s official recommendations on this ugly assembly of mostly putrid moves.

Prop A -- NO Fake Muni Reform
They tied this nonsense with a green ribbon—non-polluting buses. The problem with Muni is not pollution, it’s reliability. As to reforming Muni—Prop A was concocted by the same people who brought us the T-Third meltdown, then threw a party to celebrate. Vote no on fake reform. Vote no on incompetence. Vote NO on A.

Prop B -- YES Appoint/Re-appoint Commission Members Timely
I’m guessing a mayor-appointed commissioner who serves past the appointed term does so at the mayor’s pleasure, and can be removed without cause. Commissioners during their appointed terms are more difficult to remove. Makes sense. Vote YES on B.

Prop C -- NO Favoring private ballot initiatives
Requires supervisors putting initiatives on the ballot to “show their hand” many weeks before the election. This allows private (read downtown) interests to put countering propositions on the ballot at the last minute, sight-unseen by anyone but themselves. This is important. Vote NO on C.

Prop D -- NO Reduces Library Hours, Promotes Capital Boondoggles
Voters established a property tax set-aside to fund library operations. The effort was a failure. Now they want to extend the arrangement for another 15 years, and allow the property tax money to be used to pay off bond debt (read crony-contracts). If you want your libraries open more hours, vote No on Prop D.

Prop E -- YES “Question Time for Mayor”
This is stupid inside politics, spurred by short-term jostling. But, it might provide some fun political theater. For some reasons we the public don’t know, this is our current mayor’s biggest nightmare. Vote YES on E, maybe we’ll find out.

Prop F -- NO More benefits for cops
SF has many problems. Fringe benefits for public employees ain’t one of them. This is a simple giveaway. Vote NO on F.

Prop G -- YES Money for horse stables in Golden Gate Park
This is probably a ripoff, but it might give SF kids more of a chance to see horsies. YES on G.

Prop H -- NO More cars in downtown SF
This one is simple. If you are a Republican, vote yes. Otherwise, vote NO on H.

Prop I -- NO NO NO More crony appointments
Assist small business? This should be part of the mission statement of every City department. Creating a new “Office” is an admission of management failure. Make current departments do their jobs. Vote NO on I.

Prop J -- NO Public/private internet ripoff
This is one evil offspring of Board President Peskin’s and Mayor Newsom’s perverse acts as political bed partners. This is such a joke even the Chronicle agrees: vote NO on J.

Prop K -- YES Less advertising
Advertising as a public revenue source is pathetic. Vote YES on K.

With the uncontested races for city offices, voter turnout could be very low. If you care about anything on this ballot, your vote could actually mean something.
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Jerry Jarvis said...

I voted (AB) no on everyone of them except for E.

sfwillie said...

Thanks for the feedback, Jerry.

You're a very knowledgeable person and I really appreciate your visiting my blog.

Jerry Jarvis said...

knowledgeable? Thats more credit than I give myself. If you had said a wonky blogger, then I would absolutely agree with

Anonymous said...

What's the old adage? Vote Yes on Proposition No? Or is it the other way around?

Anonymous said...

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