Thursday, October 25, 2007


Good old Sfmike has agreed to moderate tomorrow’s weekly Mayoral candidates debate “under Gavin’s balcony.”

I know this because he asked me to help, mostly just my muscle due to iffy security. I have a prior commitment, so I had to decline.

I’m pretending to help by supplying some questions.

So, in case there’s a pause in the interruptions/arrests—

San Francisco Mayor’s Race, October 26, 2007

1. What is the most important issue for the residents of District ____?
[After picking a number, from 1 to 11, from a hat.]

2. What will you do to solve the murder of SFPD Officer Lester Garnier?

3. Muni was more reliable in 1957 than it is 2007. Why, do you think, this is the case?

4. What programs will you implement to give SF’s rich people something useful to do?

5. What area of study are you currently trying to learn more about?

6. If we could hire someone to nag you, what should he or she nag you about?

7. Do you condemn the Catholic Church for its anti-women and anti-gay bigotry?

8. How will you raise the morale of rank-and-file city workers?

9. How will you reduce user fees and other regressive taxes, and make the city’s revenue sources more progressive?

10. Should SFPD ever cite bicyclists for any traffic violations? If so, what kind of violations?

11. Should bicyclists be required to carry liability insurance, similar to motorists?

12. Should corporate advertising (including logos of event sponsors) be forbidden in S.F. public parks?

The debate is Friday, October 26, 2007, from 5:00 – 6:30pm in the park across Polk Street from City Hall.

[Note: SFWILLIE’S BLOG has endorsed h. brown for mayor.]

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sfmike said...

Great questions. They will be put to Mr. h. Brown in hours.