Monday, July 16, 2007


“Redevelopment” in San Francisco has a major component h. brown calls “Negro Removal.”

Actually, those were the bad old days of the 1960’s, etc. Now, in the enlightened 21st Century, it would be called “African-American Removal.” Same difference to the removees.

Resistance to the current round of Redevelopment aimed at Bay View Hunters Point can’t help the moderate and low income, mostly non-white residents hold onto their neighborhood. Rather, my hope is that current residents can receive ample compensation for their displacement.

Prominent City Hall watcher and long time Bay View resident, Espanola Jackson, is on the scene to witness the skullduggery and to scold the skullduggers, and negotiate that fair price for her community’s grief.

San Francisco Magazine, in an article on the African American exodus (removal) from San Francisco, describes Ms Espanola Jackson thus:

Jackson is a round marshmallow of a woman who can usually be seen in what she calls her trademark church hat. She calls everyone baby, honey, or sweetie. She is 73, but moves more like she’s 60, stomping around as she rants about this or that. She is very stubborn.

Reportedly Ms Jackson has more than forty great-grandchildren—great qualifications for minding the Board of Supervisors.

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