Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Yesterday’s Board of Supervisors meeting saw an extraordinary, embarrassing event: a Supervisor, Chris Daly, made a motion and failed to receive a second. A few minutes later, Daly made another motion, with the same result.

At issue was final passage of the C&C’s $6.1 billion yearly operating budget. Daly’s un-seconded motions were attempts to make it, in his words, more of a “Robin Hood” budget.

There’s nothing wrong with being a lone voice. Worthwhile amendments should be advanced even if they have only the mover’s support.

But, before taking a motion to the floor, most politicians would sort of query their colleagues to see what kind of support is out there.

Daly’s seemed surprised that his motions “Died for lack of a second.” So him praises his own motives and impugns the motives of the other supervisors.

It seemed a painful moment for everyone there.

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