Saturday, April 20, 2013


Seems like everyone but me thinks that Barack Obama, whatever else, is a smart guy.

-He's Harvard Law, Review Editor;

-He wrote two best selling books;

-He's a professor of constitutional law,

-Blah blah.

I contend that he's not very smart at all.


Please, someone, tell me one interesting thing Barry has ever said. 

Who can forget Bill Clinton's convention performance as "Explainer in Chief." Isn't that Barry's job?


Putting current events into greater historical context is a prime function of any president.  I think of fireside chats.

Obama can't explain anything except that:

In negotiations, neither side can expect to get 100%.

Well, duh. What he doesn't explain is his willingness to give away 99%.

Plus, conclusive proof that Obama is a dumbshit was his preposterous assertion, his guiding principle, that:

Congressional Republicans are good-faith negotiating partners who will put common sense and the welfare of the nation ahead of partisan interests.

Skipping through the woods, everything a big bad wolf could want.

Say "Grandma," I see this guy's face.


Don't pull back the covers, please.

And as for likeability. I don't like mass murder, torture, or imperial aggression.

I don't like the trashing of Magna Carta, Common Law, and the Bill of Rights.

And I don't like malefactors of great wealth, who seem to be Barry's best friends.

So I don't like Barry. Not at all.

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Michael Strickland said...

Glad to see you back in the saddle. I'm going to throw you on my Blogroll over at Civic Center.