Saturday, April 06, 2013


I'm walking down the street and someone throws a four-pound object at me while screaming, "You fucking faggot!"

That would be a hate crime.  Correct?

The damage the thrown object did to me would determine whether it's a felony or misdemeanor, but it's definitely a hate crime.


Numerous such acts recorded on videotape have been widely viewed, but law enforcement has done nothing.

The perp is a college basketball coach. The victims are student-athletes at a public university.

After the tapes became public some people (who turned out to be morally unfit for their jobs) were fired. The coach was fired, along with his boss and his assistant.

The guy in charge of the whole mess still has his job and claims ignorance.


Apparently, one requirement for a high salary is the willingness to claim ignorance.  Heck, Jeff Skilling couldn't find his ass with both hands (he claimed), but he made millions.


Is it punishment to lose a job for which you were not qualified (due to hatred of gay people or lack of moral fiber, or because of "ignorance") in the first place?

When some low level guy commits a crime he goes to jail AND he loses his job.

There has been zero outcry about the lack of law enforcement in this case.

Are they waiting for someone to die?

Meanwhile, even deadweight hacks such as Bill Nelson are tripping over themselves to not be the last American politician to endorse same-sex marriage (or, the less sexualized "marriage equality").


So, gay marriage? OK!

Prosecute anti-gay hate crimes? HELL NO!

To show an inkling of how offensive coach Rice's words were, Rutgers should:

1) Fire their admittedly ignorant president.

2) Shut down their intercollegiate basketball program indefinitely.

3) Divert money from basketball to programs that make Rutgers a model gay-friendly institution.

For me, gay safety comes before gay marriage, and before basketball.

"But, come on, shut down a basketball program?" they'll say. "It would only hurt the kids. "

And the welfare of the kids is Rutgers' highest priority. Right?

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