Thursday, May 03, 2012


Now that the U.S. Military welcomes openly gay and lesbian recruits, professional sports remains the leading proponent of gay-exclusion.

There are more than 750 men employed as players by Major League Baseball.

There are zero (0.00%) openly gay players in Major League Baseball.

The only possible explanation for this amazing statistic is that Major League Baseball has and maintains a hostile work environment for openly Gay players.

Yet, the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Freedom Band performs at Giants' LGBT Night promotions. A video on their website shows a pep contingent playing in the stands on a previous Gay Night

Another SF Giants LGBT Night is coming up May 29. Purchasers of special tickets will receive the knit cap pictured below.


What could the gay band's participation signify but approval for the status quo in MLB?

According to the Giants' website, a portion of the special event ticket price will be donated to LGBT non-profits.

So questions for Julie Williamson, president of the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Freedom Band, include:

1) Will the Gay Band (SFLGFB) participate in the Giants LGBT Night on May 29?

2) How much money has SFLGFB received from the Giants in the past?

3) How much does SFLGFB expect to receive from the May 29 proceeds?

4) Why else would a gay band perform for such a blatantly homophobic organization?

Consider the positive effect of Gay pro athletes and their supportive straight teammates coming out.

What if it became fashionable for athletes to protect gay kids from bullying?

What if...


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