Friday, May 30, 2008


Next Tuesday, June 3, will be my third of four elections this year: the special primary, the Lantos-replacement primary, this, uh, regular primary, and the general election in November.

Regarding the ten propositions on this particular ballot, sfwillie’s blog provides a mechanically simple recommendation:

YES on E and F
NO on all the rest

You can find E and F, right next to each other, mark them both YES, then go back and mark everything else NO. Very easy.


Prop E. YES. This gives more power to the Board or Supervisors over the Public Utilities Commission which just recently instituted huge, family-unfriendly water rate increases. This should be a no-brainer. Currently the Mayor appoints the entire commission, with minimal BOS oversight.

Prop F. YES. This is a poison pill to stop the giveaway of land to Lennar Corporation which plans to move the poor folk out of the adjoining neighborhood. Sometimes poison pills are good.


Prop A. NO. I ranted about this in a previous post.

Prop B. NO. The only thing guaranteed by this proposition is that retirement payments to city retirees will increase by approximately $80 Million per year, starting immediately. Some savings on retiree health care expense are promised, but not for ten or twenty years.

Just as with Wimpy’s promise of payment next Tuesday for a hamburger today, promises made by the current group of CityHallers can’t possible justify the delivery of an $80 Million hamburger today.

Prop C. NO. More bullshit. Sweet Melissa explains that this includes disability retirement benefits with other retirement benefits that can be stripped from a City employee convicted of a job-related crime of moral turpitude. This would prevent City employees who are about to be fired and stripped of regular retirement benefits from filing bogus claims for disability retirement.

A genuine claim for work related disability retirement should not be stripped. What this measure assumes is that the City Attorney is incapable of protecting the City from bogus disability claims. If true, we need a new City Attorney, not Prop B.

Prop D. NO. Pure political correctness bullshit. Better to burn the cash—less overhead.

Prop G. NO. This gives valuable San Francisco land to Lennar Corporation so that they can make a profit. A side effect of this plan is that poor minorities will be forced out of the adjoining neighborhood and eventually out of the City altogether. Supporters see this a good way to help solve the “crime” problem.

Prop H. NO. This proposition was placed on the ballot by Mayor Newsom. Enough reason to vote against it.


Prop 98. NO. The two state propositions are competing. One is terrible the other is benign. Just to be sure I’m voting NO on both. The status quo is ok.

Prop 99. NO. The two state propositions are competing. One is terrible the other is benign. Just to be sure I’m voting NO on both. The status quo is ok.

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