Saturday, May 24, 2008


The media consternation regarding Hillary’s RFK assassination comment is way out of proportion to their supposed interpretation of the remark. The pundits are afraid to say exactly what Hillary’s comment intended.

Senator Clinton’s comment was clearly a request that one or more of her supporters assassinate Barack Obama.

The only way, she suggests, to put her in the White House, and to keep a black man out of it, is to kill the black man.

Given her famous support among poor, uneducated, gun-owning white people, Hillary’s request could reach dangerous ears. Lone nuts don’t get all their instructions from Mars.

The assassinations of the 1960s set back US political progress forty years. Barack Obama is the first serious threat to the corporatization of all human experience since George Wallace was silenced by J Egger’s crew.

If Barack gets offed, there’s going to be some serious explaining to do.

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