Friday, April 04, 2008


As the media does its gee-whizzing on this fortieth anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination, let us remember that the “lone nut” theory is the invention of “conspiracy deniers.”

My firm conviction is that J. Edgar Hoover was criminally liable in the murder of Martin Luther King.

J. Edgar Hoover was also criminally liable in the murders of John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X., Robert Kennedy, and in the attempted murder of George Wallace.

Hoover was a hit man for the ruling class.

In terms of harm done, J. Edgar Hoover is the most evil American in our history, so far.

Yet, he is remembered, and vilified, as a cross dresser. It’s like, go ahead and kill presidents and opposition leaders, but goddammit, wear men's undergarments when you do it.

This is similar to recent reports of an overly cozy relationship between John McCain and an attractive female lobbyist. The media doesn’t care about possible corrupt transactions between McCain and the lady as long as they didn’t have sex.

Why did Hoover get away with his crimes? Why was he the longest surviving department head in the history of western government?

Because he knew all the sex-secrets (and booze and drug secrets) of all the powerful people in Washington. That was his modus operandi.

Our founding fathers created “checks and balances” because they knew that unchecked, powerful people tend to be greedy assholes.

They were right.

Including the media.

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Anonymous said...

j. edgar was a true American dictator who collected dirty secrets the way an industrial strength vacuum cleaner collects dust. He and Brush would make a perfect pair. he even collected info on ordinary people, and much of the raw data in FBI files, data without context, was often mis-used by bureaucrats to deny honest bureaucrats security clearances for no reason other than some poor son of a bitch happened to be, unknowingly, in the presence of a suspected (but unconfirmed) commie. When he died, it was good riddance to bad trash. r.s.

sfwillie said...

Dear r.s.,

Thanks. You know, post-mortem, our molecules will eventually mingle with those of Hoover and of every other miscreant in history.


sfmike said...

You might want to change the anniversary from "twenty years" to "forty years." Otherwise, great post.

janinsanfran said...

I love it: "Hoover was a hit man for the ruling class." That seems exactly right.

Mike said...

the nail has been hit squarely on the head. hoover was the most important link in the conspericy against all three assasinations,j.f.k bobby, and m.l.k. hoover was brought on board when told of manditory retirement by j.f.k. look at where all the people who participted in the bill of goods they sold to america ended up,one was even given the presidency without even being least one still sits in the senate even changing to kennedys own party. these people and their followers are still around and stealing your rights as americans but seems no one cares or if they do can live long enough to drag out the truth.