Friday, April 25, 2008



Some psychologists assert that telling a successful lie is a key moment in childhood ego-development.

I believe that there are no grown-ups who have never told a lie.

Yet, it is considered serious business to call someone a liar. Like calling a man a fucker—how could that be an insult?

Lies are more or less evil depending on contexts and outcomes.

While everyone has told a lie, not everyone has, or would lie in every context regarding every outcome.

So, when then-Mayor Willie Brown defended his police chief’s newly revealed resume-fib by saying, “Everyone lies on their resume,” we have to apply a truth-test.

Brown’s statement is obviously false. There are actually some people on the face of the earth who have no need, and perceive no need, to lie on their resumes.

Telling oneself that everyone does it makes it easier to do wrong.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised that Willie Brown’s former mistress, and presumable mentoree, turns up defrauding the federal government of $5-10 Million of border protection money. [Sweet Melissa breaks it down beautifully.]

Regarding Kamala and Willie Brown I recall the ending of Yeats’ Leda and the Swan.

Did she put on his knowledge with his power
Before the indifferent beak could let her drop?

Kamala Harris has “taken responsibility” for the false claims. I’m pretty sure this DOESN’T mean she’s repaying the money out of her own pocket.

Hopefully this puts an end to her political ambitions.

We hear that the year-old Baker’s Dozen gang-assault case has resulted in dismissal of all charges except one misdemeanor charge against one of the many assailants.

Insufficient evidence was turned up by an investigation delayed by City Powers for two weeks. We now know that D.A. Harris was too busy creating false claims to worry about mere felonious assaults.

Popular gay Ed Harrington was City Controller at the time of the fraud. He reportedly participated in, and has asserted “good intentions” in the matter.

The money returned to the Federal Government goes into the city’s books as a “defalcation.” It is a controller’s highest duty to prevent “defalcations.”

Harrington was moved from City Controller to an appointed commission just a few days before the Harris-Harrington-Hennessy Federal fraud case was revealed.

Such is our local Democratic Party.

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Anonymous said...

I've lied a few times on a resume, and probably many more if you count omissions as lies. But I had a guilty conscience for a long time afterward...or was it the fear of getting caught? Politicians don't seem to suffer from guilt.