Saturday, October 13, 2007


I thought this was a nice picture.

There’s controversy attached—it was banned from some exhibit in Russia, I guess because of the gay thing.

Thanks to Guardian Unlimited for treating us to this story.

Shot among the birch trees and snow of a Siberian forest, two policemen kiss each other passionately on the lips. They hold and - this is not entirely clear - possibly caress each other's buttocks.

My guess is they're warming each other’s hip-flasks.

There are important art-historical issues involved.

Mr Shaburov said that he and fellow artist Viacheslav Mizin had created Kissing Policemen as a homage to the celebrated British graffiti artist Banksy. "We were inspired by Banksy's iconic image of two constables kissing. We wanted to do the same but in Russia," Mr Shaburov said.

The Banksy:

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