Thursday, October 04, 2007


Of all the candidates for San Francisco Mayor this year, political analyst h. brown has done the most to improve the quality of my life as a San Franciscan.

His columns are fun, informative, and well written. He names names.

h. has also created his Salon, a spontaneous, grassroots, community institution that costs the price of a burrito to attend, (plus I think you’re supposed to buy h. a beer).

h.’s greatest failing is possibly excessive passion for good government.

His last couple of columns in Fog City Journal have convinced me it’s time to endorse.

The first of these columns is his “Vision for the City.” In it he states his position on the sale of surplus city property:

The City should never sell land as surplus because, as Will Rogers said: "It's the only thing they aren't building more of."

I thought I was the only one to believe this. Now it’s me and h.

The second column contains h. brown’s answers to an SF Chronicle Candidates Questionairre. Some samples:

On streamlining City government:

Answer: Move all the pretty girls to the front of the room. Well, that didn't work out too well for Gavin, did it? Now that he's surrounding himself with ugly women, he's doing much better. I plan to hire pretty young gay boys and bull dykes. With no distractions I'll be able to concentrate better.

And on Ethics:

Answer: Always give a receipt for your bribes and keep a copy for yourself. Don't screw the staff and if you do, never admit it. Be presidential.

Just as in matters of religion the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence pretty much speak for me, so, in matters of local politics, h. brown speaks to me.

Another good one, on “paying more attention to detail”:

Answer: Is there something of value I haven't already given to Don Fisher?

sfwillie’s blog endorses h. brown to be the next Mayor of San Francisco. He is dedicated to the well being of all San Franciscans.

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sfmike said...

He's my first choice too, oddly enough. And the fucking "Bay Guardian" didn't even bother to interview him but endorsed that clown Chicken John instead.

Anonymous said...

he'd spend more time on the job than the present incumbent, which would be an automatic plus for SF right out of the box. r.s.