Saturday, January 04, 2014


If Barack Obama has anything interesting to tell us about his administration he should tell us now, for no charge, as part of his duties as president.

I would bet it all the Barry is already negotiating a series of books, memoirs, about his presidency, and what he really thinks about things.

This is part of his post-presidency income plan.

Another thought.  Do you own, or do you know anyone else who owns a copy of Obama's previous two books?  I don't.

How many copies has Penny Pritzker bought?


You know Penny... she's US Secretary of Commerce.  In our blockaded congress Penny's nomination sailed through the Senate almost unopposed and almost unreported.

She's Barry's billionaire.  Every politician needs a billionaire. Plutocracy!

Has Penny been storing all those copies of her princess' books? Or has she already pulped them?

Note: Barry is as yet just a "Penny's Princess." Their deal is he becomes a Prince only when he cuts Social Security.

If nobody buys Obama's post-presidential books, maybe somebody will notice when Penny has to buy them all.

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