Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Among my contemporaries the gays are much less enthused than the straights about marriage equality.

Gay people my age had to work out our relationships without benefit of government approval. Heck, mostly without parental approval!

I am particularly leery of the pro-LGBT bandwagon so many are now jumping on.


Is it really a liberal victory? Does it make up for our leaders' failure (from a liberal POV) to do anything else?

White household net worth is still 20 times greater than black household net worth.  Hooray for Barry and Dems everywhere!

World population is unsustainable, let alone growth. Barry and Nancy are silent.

The unconscionable accumulation of wealth by the powerful anticipates a major population die-back, which the rich want to avoid.  It's the world-economy version of the Rapture. Barry and Nancy certainly don't want to be left behind.

Barry won't even use the word "unemployment." It's always, "folks still looking for work."

But heck, if gay folk want the benefits of being a married couple in 2013 USA, let 'em.

If gay folk want to join the US military, sure, they have the right.

Great PR, doesn't cost anybody anything.

Once I dreamt this newspaper fragment:

White Star lines announced today that it's captains are now authorized to perform weddings-at-sea for same-sex couples.  The first such ceremonies are scheduled for the upcoming maiden voyage of the "unsinkable" ...

Bon voyage.

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