Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Finally, common ground for liberals and conservatives:

   Quality shotguns in every household.

Obamacrats have no desire to promote collective security, which requires reduced income inequality.

They agree with the NRA that privately owned firearms are one modality of personal protection, necessary until the police can arrive.

The couch their timidity as support for the Second Amendment.

Vice-President Biden says two shotguns should be enough for a household.


The problem, from a liberal-egalitarian perspective, is that quality shotguns cost money, shooting lessons and ammunition cost money.

Many poor people can't afford the protection that two shotguns provide.

So, liberals should support a Federal program of tax breaks and outright grants to assure that even the poorest household has the same ability to protect itself as does Joe Biden's.

And, the NRA would object that the program shouldn't be restricted to shotguns, but will agree that it's a good first step.

A chicken in every pot is socialism. Two shotguns in every parlor, that's 'merican.

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