Monday, January 19, 2009


As one commentator in D.C. put it:  "It feels like Christmas Eve."

This inauguration-eve I'm feeling like a parent with no illusions about Santa Claus who is warmed nonetheless to see the children's enthusiastic anticipation.

Most of the exultation on the streets outside the White House comes  not from an irrational belief in Santa-Obama, but rather from the certainty of George Bush's long awaited departure. It's such a relief!

At this point even enemies are supposed to get a little sentimental about the departure of an adversary.

Not for George Bush.  George Bush is an asshole, has always been an asshole, and will probably always be an asshole.


There hasn't been an outpouring of national celebration like this since  the deaths Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, tyrants and torturers of Romania, whom the rebels executed on December 25, 1989 “as a Christmas present to the country.”


At least on cable news, the only remaining commentary about George Bush regards whether or not he should be prosecuted for war crimes.

Great legacy! Heck of a job, Georgie!

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