Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Floating in the smarmy effluence that is the Russert death coverage are attestations by Chris Matthews on MSNBC of the importance of the Catholic faith, which he shares with the deceased.

Then we cut away to the public viewing at St Albans School (where Russert sent his only son). St Albans is a private Protestant prep school for the ruling class and for those eager to serve the ruling class.

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When I was a kid the nuns taught us that even entering a non-Catholic church or synagogue was “giving scandal” and should not be done.

When it comes to young Catholics eager to serve the ruling class (thinking perhaps that a “gentleman’s gentleman” is actually a gentleman), distinctions about religion tend to blur.

Chris Matthews has been one of the louder voices ragging on Obama for “sitting in the pew Sunday after Sunday,” listening to extremist views without objecting.

Then he touts his own Catholicism as if it’s views were uncontroversial and mainstream.

I wonder if Chris Matthews is a real Catholic.

Here’s a quick test. The three statements below are ironclad Catholic doctrine. To call oneself a real Catholic one must agree 100% with all three statements (and a whole lot more).

Catholic Test:

1. Homosexual orientation is a grave disorder and all homosexual acts are gravely disordered.
o Agree 100% (Catholic)
o Don’t agree 100% (non-Catholic)

2. Willful, therapeutic abortion is murder.
o Agree 100% (Catholic)
o Don’t agree 100% (non-Catholic)

3. The use of condoms or other artificial contraception is always a mortal sin.
o Agree 100% (Catholic)
o Don’t agree 100% (non-Catholic)

Many people (me) would say that these are “extreme views.” Actually, when it comes to extreme views I prefer those of Reverend Wright (but not that awful white priest), to those of the ex-Nazi Pope Benedict.

The difference is black and white.

Anyway, Chris Matthews should tell us if he’s a real Catholic, or if he’s a St Albans Catholic.

btw: It’s hard for me to consider the RCC these days without thinking about the Mayan Codices, which conquistador-priests destroyed almost four hundred years before Hitler burned his first book.

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Anonymous said...

Willie, smarmy is the right word to describe the coverage of Tim Russert. He was a a second rate journalist and a chosen member of high political circles because he wasn't going to reveal anything sensitive. He asked "tough" questions which elicited air for answers and all was well in the politico-talking pin head complex. Most Americans outside the Beltway have never heard of the guy.

That's interesting info on the Catholic faith. As a Baptist-Methodist something or other, all I know about Catholicism came from watching movies. Odd when I think about it. My mother was Catholic and so is my sister.

By the way, in small town America, a Methodist is a Baptist who lives in a big house.

Anyway, thanks for the insight.


Paul Harmon said...

Although more a Byzantine Catholic than a Roman Catholic, the man who led the mob that 1) killed the last great Classical mathematician (and head librarian of the great library at Alexandria), Hypatia, and 2)then burnt the library was Saint Cyril (then Archbishop Cyril)in 414 AD.
The Muslim forces that conquered Alexandria in 646 AD reburnt it. You can think of it as an interfaith effort to destroy knowledge.
A bit later Justinian ordered that all Sappho's books should be burnt and closed the philosophical schools at Athens.
Christians have been burning books for quite some time.