Thursday, September 27, 2007


Mayor Newsom’s ouster of District 4 Supervisor Ed Jew and appointment of “interim” replacement Carmen Chu was a slap at District 4 residents.

At 29 years old and having lived in San Francisco just three years, Chu admitted in her first public statement that she knew little about the district she is now sworn to represent.

Newsom touts her as a policy person, not a political person—she’s fresh to politics.

These two attributes—ignorance about her constituents and political inexperience—do not promise well for District 4, but they’re the sort of thing that make Mayor Newsom lick his chops. Like, soooo innocent.

Despite this admission, Ms Chu was able to cast votes on all issues before the Board meeting just a few hours after her appointment.

I’ve requested that Supervisor Chu tell us how she decided which way to vote on those complicated issues. Maybe she’s a real quick study. Maybe she just voted Gavin’s way.

It’s interesting to note that Ms Chu’s email address as District 4 Supervisor is unchanged from the address she used as an employee of the Mayor’s office. Will she still answer Mayor’s office mail? Will she still work on a few Mayor’s office odds and ends? Or will she be a full time supervisor?

I’m pessimistic. A smart person in Ms Chu’s position would have turned down the offer.

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