Monday, May 21, 2007


Local politics has me down. I’ve been paying more attention than usual and nothing is very uplifting.

The global ecology situation seems to be heading toward major dieback, just based on world population.

The Ameican culture of production and consumption is unsustainable. Americans seems willing to go to war to keep gas prices low.

The sense of camaraderie and generosity felt by the American survivors of World War II and their offspring seems to have dissipated.

The nation votes against the war and we’re still at war.

Locally we vote for auto access to Golden Gate Park on Saturdays, now we have a compromise with the Bicycle lobby.

Republicans cheer for torture.

[For the record: I was taught that even if the human race should perish, we are never permitted to torture.]

Our most important civic asset is the Municipal Railway System. We have a transit first policy. Yet no politicians or pundits, including blogs-progs, care about Muni’s miserable performance.

“Progressives” recommend private bicycles as the alternative to Muni. But we’re getting green grocery bags, and they’re going to run Muni (late) on reprocessed restaurant griddle grease (only $1.45 more per gallon than regular diesel).

Word is that Jared Blumenthal’s burgeoning Department of the Environment will soon announce a major new initiative to turn shit into Shinola.

My District 4 Supervisor Ed Jew gets caught with $20,000 of FBI sting money in his flower-shop safe. Examiner story here.

The cash, $40k total, came from “businessmen” seeking “help” with the difficult process of getting permit and licenses for some stores they wanted to open. At one point Ed said he couldn’t even remember the names of the men who gave him $40,000 in hundred-dollar bills.

Early on Ed said the $20k remaining in his safe was to be donated to help fix up a playground in his district. (The cash was to be delivered to Rec & Park via flying pig.)

Now I’m not so depressed. This is kind of exciting.

Public corruption is under-reported and under-prosecuted in this town.

The odors emerging from Ed flower shop smell like felonies. It would be a lot of fun if Ed started blabbing. Maybe the FBI will follow the other $20k.

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