Wednesday, August 16, 2006


“All important issues are re-examined and re-debated every generation, and a new generation is born daily.” Pudinhand Wilson.

So some illegal immigrant lady, who is under court order to report for deportation, has flouted the judge’s order and is holed up in the storefront church of a Chicago Methodist congregation, having accepted their offer of “Sanctuary.”

I remember learning about sanctuary in fifth grade World (actually European) History. The principle of Sanctuary applied in Europe when the church, the Roman Catholic Church, had authority superior to that of any political entity. And it was used exclusively to protect high level courtier types who found themselves on the political outs locally but were still favored by the church.

When I’m in charge, the Methodist bishop of Chicago would already be in jail for harboring a fugitive.

The judge who had Boy George do a community service sentence in full public view (street cleaning) should be voted out. America needs less not more of Boy George.

Pud thinks Boy George is all about heroin. It’s the sort of music he could perform on the nod. And the junkies listening to it would say, “He’s just like us and he’s making millions of dollars!”

I suppose he had something to do with androgyny or sexual identity, but what a bad exemplar! You’d have to go pretty deep into real perversity to find anything as unwholesome as the marketing invention that is Boy George.

So good for Jon Benet Ramsey, America’s favorite fantasy-molest, her death was not in vain. The arrest of a suspect today should keep Boy George out of the news for a while.

A few juicy twists in the Jon Benet case, followed the capture of Osama, should occupy the news through October, and, throw in a couple of terror plots, the Republicans CAN retain control of both houses come November.

And reporters in prison! The two Chronicle reporters are currently under threat in the BALCO case, and Josh Wolf is actually in jail. This is bad and painful. But almost as painful is having to listen to the arguments, once again, for why we need a free press.

BTW: Josh Wolf, according to his website, was almost visited at his Federal Correctional Facility, by Judith Miller. The mention treats it as some sort of validation. In fact, Judith Miller is a scumbag, a disgrace to professional journalism who is morally drowning in Iraqi blood.

Her visit was “almost” because she wasn’t an approved visitor. I’m sure she knew this in advance. Lucky for Josh that a meeting with Judith Miller didn’t soil his resume.

With news like this I can sort of understand why terrorists would want to make their own.

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sfmike said...

The Judith Miller visit was bizarrely funny, wasn't it? Though I think the woman pretty much defines the word scum, her visit was probably sincerely meant. I've never heard of anyone spending any length of time in prison without thinking completely differently about the subject after the experience, so let's give her the benefit of the doubt on this one.

In actual fact, nobody can visit Josh right now in federal prison (and thanks millions for the PDF of the prison visiting regulations) except for his "immediate biological family" and his lawyers.

As for the Jon Benet Ramsay case, let's just say it feels like the miniseries is finally getting ready for that late season conclusion. Finally, catharsis at last!

Anonymous said...

emm.. good thoughts :)