Thursday, April 06, 2006


Do I have cheating on my mind? Or is it just so much in the news?

Hundreds of thousands are demonstrating to reward illegal immigrants. I like the folks who say, “It would cost billions to deport all of them.” Wait. Why don’t we just tell them to leave and get in line behind those who have applied and are waiting for legal immigration? Because they won’t leave. Just the kind of people we want as citizens!

Shame on everyone who talks about “jobs Americans won’t do.” Rather, it’s salaries Americans won’t accept. For the same salary and benefits I’m getting now I’d much prefer cleaning hotel rooms to my current work.

As is becoming increasingly clear, our invasion of Iraq was a war of choice, launched for reasons yet to be revealed. But Bush is portrayed as mistaken! Wait a second. Invading a sovereign country that isn’t threatening your country is a crime against peace. George Bush, and Cheney, and all those fucks are war criminals. The complicity of both (sic) political parties is likewise criminal.

So we have to accept the “facts on the ground.” We have totally destabilized Iraq so we have to stay there. We let millions of illegal immigrants into our country, now we have to legalize them.

So, tell some ghetto kid to play by the rules? Like who? And tell all foreigners thinking about illegal immigration, “From now on we’re going to strictly enforce our immigration laws. And this time we really mean it!”

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