Friday, November 22, 2013


If Lee Harvey Oswald had claimed responsibility for killing JFK, such a claim would have been considered strong evidence of guilt.

False confessions in famous cases are common, but Oswald's proximity alone would have lent credibility.

However, the media almost completely ignores the statements that Oswald did make.

On film, we hear Oswald's two assertions:

1. I didn't shoot anybody.

2. I am a patsy.

The newsfilm clips are the only records of Oswald's post-arrest statements.

Oswald was interviewed by more than one law enforcement official, but there was no record made of any of these interviews.

At the time, there would have been two methods of recording Oswald's statements that were routinely available in the Dallas PD headquarters: audiotape and stenography.

Neither of these methods was employed.

Much less reliable, but still better than nothing would have been contemporaneous notes taken by the agents interviewing Oswald.

The agents state that no such notes were ever taken.

One popular hypothesis regarding Oswald's motive was that Oswald was a little-guy who preferred infamy to insignificance. If that were the case Oswald might have admitted, even bragged about the assassination.

But, no.

Oswald didn't say, "Yes, I did it." And...

He didn't say, "I had nothing to do with it."

He did say, "I am just a patsy."

A "patsy" is a participant in a conspiracy, whose unwitting roll is to take the blame.

Oswald was the original conspiracy theorist.

Oswald died in police custody before his claims could be further elucidated.

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