Friday, December 19, 2008


Of all the ministers in America who could have been chosen to give the inaugural invocation, Obama chose someone who thinks that gay people should be put in jail.

This is unacceptable.

No self respecting democrat, let alone gay person, would appear on the same stage as Rick Warren.

This is not a matter of nuance.

Rick Warren's unretracted public position is that gay sex (we're not talking about marriage, or civil union, but simply two adults of the same sex getting intimate) is the moral equivalent of child molestation.

Would Barack reach out to a minister who preached that interacial sex is the equivalent of bestiality?

Sounds kind of harsh? It wasn't so long ago.


I was never enthusiastic about Obama.  My anger about the Rick Warren choice would be the same if it were McCain instead of Obama being inaugurated.

I can imagine the anger of a gay person who, say, contributed money to Rezko's buddy, soon to be President Cool-Breeze.

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