Friday, February 29, 2008


Sorry for the harsh title, but this story really is a mindfuck. Per the Matier and Ross column titled Wheelchair ramp will cost $100,000 a foot:

"It's crazy," admits Susan Mizner, director of the mayor's Office on Disability. "But this is just the price of doing business in a historic building."

It’s unclear if the $1.1 million price tag for the proposed Supes Chamber wheelchair ramp includes sparkle and pink-pony decals.

More clear is the emotional backlash against the disabled, and against the Alioto clan, it will inspire.

Compared to the disastrous Muni Metro albatross old Joe left rotting around the neck of SF public transit, $1.1 mil for a ten-foot ramp is chump change.

But as Michela Alioto says, it’s all about the symbolism. I agree completely.

I was thinking of supporting Joe Alioto Veronese, mostly because of the way he double-crossed Mayor Newsom in electing Ms Sparks president of the Police Commission.

But now, just the name “Alioto” gives me pause. It’s the symbolism.

I was inspired by this story to visit Princess Sparkle Pony’s blog. It restores my faith in snark.

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The Hunting of the Snark An Agony, in Eight Fits By Lewis Carroll, Henry Holiday

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Anonymous said...

Is that Asian guy S.I. Hayakawa, once prez of SF State, author of "Language in Thought and Action?" I have a copy of that book.

Amyway, good take on ramps. r.s.

sfwillie said...

Dear r.s.,

Yep, that's chronic-inebriate S.I. (Sleeping Sam) Hayakawa. Old Joe and Hayakawa teamed up to smash the 1968-'69 student strike at SF State.

Hayakawa went on to occupy California's "clown seat" in the US Senate--the one vacated, I think, by dancer George Murphy.

Thanks for your comment. When I first saw it, I read the last line as "take good on-ramps."