Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Voters in California Congressional District 8 (shaded green below) have an opportunity to be heard nationally.

Nancy Pelosi, the poster girl for Democratic Party complicity with Satan, ur, I mean George Bush, pardon me… This gal Nancy must face the judgment of the voters in her safest of safe districts to gain re-nomination to be the most powerful woman in congress.

The primary, to be held in June ’08 should be a referendum on wars of aggression and on the use of torture. Pelosi’s complicity in Bush’s Iraq War and in the use of torture is, in the blog’s opinion, indictable in any reasonable war-crimes-prosecution venue.

Unusual in this race is Pelosi’s opponent, Cindy Sheehan, a woman as recognizable to TV viewers as Ms Pelosi herself.

Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq, as made herself a thorn in the side of Bush’s Iraq propaganda machine. Ms Sheehan brings national name recognition and media interest along with a simple platform: immediate, unconditional removal of US forces from Iraq, and strict adherence to the Geneva Conventions by all US personnel and by all US citizens.

Ms Sheehan should be able to attract sufficient resources to frame the race in her terms, and if she sticks to Iraq and torture, she could very well unseat Nancy the war criminal.

Cindy might also suggest to Bay View Hunters Point residents that a vote for Pelosi is a vote for Lennar.

Anyway, just having the option is a ray of light in an otherwise dismal June for Congressional District 8 voters.

Fog City Journal recently reported that Cindy Sheehan has moved into a residence in the 8th Congressional District. This encourages us that she’s serious about putting up a fight.

Regarding “calendars”: 2008 is different from other years because it has three different elections for national office. Usually the most we get is two, but the shuffling of states to increase the influence of their own presidential primaries has resulted in an additional California election, coming up on February 5, 2008.

Here’s the Schedule of Elections for San Francisco in 2008.

I believe that ballots for all three elections with also contain various State and Local propositions.

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Anonymous said...

Cindy has a better chance than most realize. Nancy is going to be complacent (already is) and brings a lousy record to the table. But Cindy needs to take the initiative and get her campaign on the road now.

Excellent post. I am getting pissed because you always know more than I do.

Jerry Jarvis said...

I didn't vote for Polosi the last time and I sure am not going to start.